Mississauga Burger and Beer

Mississauga Burger and Beer
Cities Sports Bar (905) 795-7775 Email
Fionn Maccool’s 905-826-0825 Email
Orwells Pub 416-236-3339 Email
The Wilcox Gastropub 905-568-1122 Email
Union Social Eatery 905-814-1234 Email
The Pump Rathburn 905-602-6296 Email
The Belfast Lounge 905-212-9048 Email
Cagneys Steakhouse 905-826-2311 Email
Fred’s Bar n Grill 905-279-0097 Email
Coopers Pub 905-275-3245 Email
Door FiftyFive 905-990-7200 Email
Failte Irish Pub 905-276-2212 Email
Lionheart British Pub 905-824-6669 Email
Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub 905-821-3790 Email
Franklin House 905-369-0500 Email
Ten Restaurant 905-271-0016 Email
The Drake 905-567-9173 Email
The Yorkshire Arms 905-286-9799 Email
My Apartment Bar 905-712-2227 Email
Wingporium 905-990-4300 Email

Need to find an exciting place to watch Leafs game with your pals? Here are some great places for your references. The Burger and Beer places here never been satisfied with the lack of true, full-bodied beers. they are coupled with love and passion for beer, with a knowledge and respect for the craft, to concoct a selection of ales that can excite any palate.