Toronto Burger and Beer

Burger and Beer in Toronto
Tallboys Craft Beer House 416-535-7486 Email
Beerbistro 416-861-9872 Email
Duke’s Refresher + Bar 416-879-8529 Email
The Harbord Room 416-962-8989 Email
C’est What 416-867-9499 Email
Duke of York 416-964-2441 Email
The House on Parliament 416-925-4074 Email
Indie Alehouse 416-760-9691 Email
Bareburger 647-345-2273 Email
The Burgernator 647-748-0990 Email
Big Smoke Burger 416-596-6660 Email
The Burger’s Priest 647-748-8108 Email
The P & L Burger 416-603-9919 Email
The Irv Pub 647-350-4787 Email
Great Burger Kitchen 416-778-0111 Email
Teara Lab 647-351-6680 Email
The Burger Cellar 647-345-0084 Email
Dangerous Dan’s Diner 416-463-7310 Email
Bar Volo 416-928-0008 Email
Hair of the Dog 416-964-2708 Email

If you like to find a place to enjoy with your friends after work, here are a list of great Burger and Beer restaurants to go. You may watch a Hockey Night Canada game while drinking beer or discuss politics around the world with a delicious burger, which will leave a great memory for your weekend or evening.