Mississauga Chinese Food

Mississauga Chinese Food
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Shanghai House 905-270-1906 Email
Dragon Palace 905-279-9111 Email
Hakka Ren 905-568-1818 Email
Chiuchow Man 905-803-8783 Email
Golden Moon 905-273-7666 Email
Eddie’s Wok N Roll 905-542-8613 Email
Chopstick Cuisine 905-672-8225 Email
Bashu Sichuan 905-568-9988 Email
Wings Chinese 905-826-3641 Email
Lotus Tea House 905-814-0465 Email
Chinese Express 905-278-8858 Email
Blue Lagoon Seafood 905-566-9888 Email
Wok For U 905-785-2188 Email
Wok This Way 905-567-8866 Email
Foodie North 905-277-8989 Email
Sugar Marmalade 905-232-8686 Email
Summit Garder 905-828-6686 Email
Wok-A-Way 905-820-3838 Email
Noodle Wok 905-896-8915 Email

Chinese food is intensely regional. Such is the mixture of cultures, races and culinary skills in China that the Chinese restaurants in Mississauga caters to some of the more favourite Chinese cuisines. Some of the delicious dishes include Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Pakoras, Hot & Sour Soup, Crispy Fried Wontons, Chilli Beef and many more.