Toronto Chinese Food

Chinese Food Toronto
House of Gourmet 416-217-0167 Email
Dailo Restaurant 647-341-8882 Email
Lai Wah Heen 416-977-9899 Email
Bamboo Buddha 416-504-9311 Email
Yummy Dumplings 647-859-8998 Email
Lee Chen Bistro 416-901-8869 Email
Yueh Tung Restaurant 416-977-0933 Email
King’s Noodle 416-598-1817 Email
Dumpling House 619 416-901-0288 Email
Lee Garden 416-593-9524 Email
Dynasty 416-923-3323 Email
Not Just Noodles 416-960-8898 Email
Good View 416-861-0888 Email
Pearl Harbourfront 416-203-1233 Email
Peoples Eatery 416-792-1784 Email
Mean Bao 416-850-5616 Email
Hakka Wow! 416-855-7331 Email
Ha Gow Dim Sum 416-461-8294 Email
Kwan Dim Sum 416-901-6618 Email
Mother’s Dumplings 416-217-2008 Email

Toronto is probably the best city in Canada if you want to find various Chinese restaurants. With huge Chinese population in town, you may walk into a small Chinese restaurant on Spadina which brings you back to 1960’s or taste the spicy Sichuan food in a brand new Chinese restaurant in Markham. Here are some of the best selections.