Toronto Indian Food

Indian Food Toronto
Banjara 416-963-9360 Email
Gandhi Cuisine 416-504-8155 Email
Indian Grill 647-347-6600 Email
Utsav 416-961-8349 Email
Indian Roti House 416-260-6666 Email
Mother India 416-588-4634 Email
Sehr-E-Punjab 416-465-2125 Email
Madras Masala 647-342-4359 Email
Little India 416-205-9836 Email
Pukka 416-342-1906 Email
Bindia 416-863-0000 Email
Roti Cuisine India 416-968-9366 Email
Saffron Spice 416-203-0222 Email
Marigold 647-748-0220 Email
Tibet Kitchen 416-913-8726 Email
The Host 416-962-4678 Email
Bhoj 416-961-8351 Email
Matagali 416-599-9994 Email
Kathmandu 647-345-4214 Email
Kothur 416-926-0953 Email

Toronto is a city neighbouring Brampton, an city with unique Indian character. You may find various Indian restaurants and taste the delicious food from this ancient country without travelling to Asia. The romantic and traditional environment of the Indian restaurants in Toronto will leave you unique experience. Here are some of the best for your selection.