Toronto Italian Food

Italian Food Toronto
Corrados 416-267-7236 Email
Levetto 647-350-3933 Email
Marinella’s Restaurant 416-348-9200 Email
La Vecchia Ristorante 416-489-0630 Email
Agio Italian Ristorante 647-348-4814 Email
Mercatto 416-366-4567 Email
Dimmi Bar & Trattoria 416-975-1100 Email
A3 Napoli 416-588-6006 Email
Positano Restaurant 416-932-3982 Email
Regina Pizza 416-535-1318 Email
Grazie Ristorante 416-488-0822 Email
Daddyo’s Pasta 416-598-5522 Email
Stelvio 416-205-1001 Email
Capocaccia 416-921-3141 Email
Marcello’s Pizzeria 416-656-6159 Email
Paul’s Spaghetti House 416-422-4362 Email
Pizzeria Defina 416-534-4414 Email
ZA Pizzeria 647-345-9292 Email
Pizzeria Via Mercanti 647-343-6647 Email
Lo Zingaro 416-361-6154 Email

Italian food is one of the most popular cuisine in Toronto. Your may find a pizza place in almost any corner of the city. Or you may walk in a fine dining Italian restaurant to enjoy a glass red wine with delicious pasta. The little Italy will bring you back to this enthusiastic county. You will feel the excitement when watching a soccer match in a classic Italian restaurant.