Toronto Japanese Food

Japanese Food in Toronto
Yasu 416-477-2361 Email
Kaiju 647-748-6338 Email
Yuzu No Hana 416-205-9808 Email
Kinka Izakaya 647-343-1101 Email
Kintako 416-800-6074 Email
Zakkushi 647-352-9455 Email
JaBistro 647-748-0222 Email
Mt. Fuji 416-971-5882 Email
Manpuku 416-979-6763 Email
Kingyo 647-748-2121 Email
Yunagi 416-588-7862 Email
Shinobu Sushi 416-830-0741 Email
Koyoi 647-351-5128 Email
Hokkaido Ramen 647-748-1717 Email
Gushi 647-447-1707 Email
Sansotei Ramen 647-748-3833 Email
FuZen 416-363-0202 Email
Ramen Isshin 416-367-4013 Email
Kasa Moto 647-348-7000 Email
Mr. Tonkatsu 416-537-9000 Email

Japanese cuisine in Toronto bring you refreshing taste. You will be amazed by the beautiful decoration of a Sushi dish or the delicious taste of a Teriyaki serving. If you prefer healthy diet, the classis Japanese food might be your best option. From a fine dining place to a small Japanese restaurant around the corner, you will always find the spirit of Japanese culture.