Toronto Mexican Food

Mexican Food in Toronto
Como En Casa 647-748-6666 Email
Campechano Taquería 416-777-2800 Email
Maizal Quesadilla Cafe 647-351-0133 Email
Chino Locos 647-349-3888 Email
Tacos 101 416-362-8226 Email
Mi Taco Tacqueria 647-352-8226 Email
Mariachi’s Restaurant 416-481-7111 Email
Xola 647-827-9070 Email
Bolet’s Burrito 416-364-5811 Email
Aztec’s Mine 647-347-1977 Email
Fonda Lola 647-706-9105 Email
Grillies 647-748-1235 Email
Frida 416-787-2221 Email
Mexitaco 416-537-6693 Email
Huevos Gourmet 416-503-4313 Email
Torteria San Cosme 416-599-2855 Email
La Revolucion 416-766-0746 Email
Gourmet Gringos 647-349-1900 Email
Margarita’s Fiesta 416-977-5525 Email
Freshwest Grill 647-348-4302 Email

Walking in a Mexican restaurant in Toronto, you may feel back to the Great West era. The genuine Mexican food here has true taste which you experienced during a vacation in Cancun. Here you can find the entire range of traditional Mexican staples. Tortas, tacos, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas and chilaquiles.