Toronto Thai Food

Thai Food in Toronto
Pai Northern Tai 416-901-4724 Email
Sukho Thai 416-913-8846 Email
Thai Fantasy 416-922-6888 Email
Thai Noodle 416-652-0200 Email
Khmer Thai 416-654-0609 Email
Mengrai Gourmet 416-840-2754 Email
Pattaya Kitchen 416-694-5000 Email
Sawasdee 416-962-2825 Email
Golden Thai 416-868-6668 Email
Bolan Thai 647-344-1233 Email
Siam Square Hut 416-486-7426 Email
Nana 647-352-5773 Email
The Basil Box 416-351-8000 Email
Thai Basil 416-840-9988 Email
Silk Thai 416-368-1368 Email
Thai Princess 416-977-8222 Email
Thai Culture 647-348-8424 Email
Thai Elephant 416-366-3400 Email
Bua Thai 416-921-9198 Email
Real Thailand 416-924-7444 Email

Welcome to Toronto to taste the freshest herbs, the special spices and the inspiration behind each creation, the perfect gourmet Thai dining experience. The Thai restaurants are distinguished by avant garde Thai chef with refined Thai cuisine which embodies everything positive of the Thai culture. The warm and charm emanate from within, the Thai cuisine is “haute” which combines healthy cooking techniques with ingenuous food artistry and.