Toronto Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food in Toronto
Banh Mi Boys 416-363-0588 Email
Nguyen Huong 416-599-4625 Email
Kim Vietnamese 416-596-8589 Email
Pho Hung 416-593-4274 Email
Little Coxwell 416-916-2565 Email
Ginger 416-966-2424 Email
Asian Bowl 416-368-2695 Email
Pho Tien 416-603-7817 Email
Pho King Fabulous! 647-352-5288 Email
Hanoi 3 Seasons 416-469-3010 Email
Bac Ky 416-599-7468 Email
Pho Pheonix 416-538-6891 Email
Angus Pho 416-901-2586 Email
Pho Orchid 416-506-1725 Email
Xe Lua 416-703-8330 Email
Corktown Kitchen 416-901-1188 Email
Mii Sandwich Co. 647-748-0300 Email
Lan Restaurant 647-748-7388 Email
Mekong River 416-236-9588 Email
Pho Saigon 647-748-5333 Email

Vietnamese Food is unique among oriental cuisines. the most famous dish is the Beef Rice Noodle Soup which looks simple but tasty. Toronto offers various Vietnamese restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes with reasonable price. Vietnamese restaurants are great places for a relaxed family dinner without costing a fortune.